The W brotherhood

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The W brotherhood
Brotherhood career icon.png
Neither FBI or M16 could solve the mystery of The Brotherhood. It's High time you changed it.
Type: Other
Points required: 1
Other requirements: Record Show
2nd & 3rd recording slots

The W brotherhood is a menu that needs to be unlocked first in the Career menu. This unlock gives you access to a place where you may brew up Minecraft styled potions to give you certain upgrades

The W Icon.png

How to Unlock.[edit | edit source]

To unlock the brotherhood you must also have unlocked Record Show (1 point) or 2nd&3rd Recording Slots (3 points). This will then give you access to The W brotherhood. Click on the city icon on the main screen and then click on the center building. You are now in The W brotherhood menu.

Guide[edit | edit source]

When you open The W brotherhood menu you will see the some text with a button underneath. The first time it's opened it with cost you $50. Every time you use The W brotherhoods services it will cost $50 more. The second menu shows a selection of 3 potions. Clicking on each of these gives another 2 options. By combining the potions in different way will get you upgrades each improving something. Here is a table of what you could get

Potion 1 Image Potion 1 Name Potion 2 Image Potion 2 Name Effect Comment from The W brotherhood
Potion 001.png
Essence of Time
Potion 004.png
Powder of Publishing Shorter publication time "The publication time is 2 s shorter now! From now on accepting films won't last forever!"
Potion 001.png
Essence of Time
Potion 005.png
Powder of Interest Longer interest in games. "Thanks to the potion you comment your games even better! From now on you can record more episodes before the game becomes dull."
Potion 002.png
Essence of Activity 
Potion 006.png
Powder of energy  Extra energy. You can create 1 more video per day. "I'm I right or... Yes! This green bar of your's just shaked. From now on you have more energy to spend during the day!"
Potion 002.png
Essence of Activity 
Potion 007.png
Powder of Experience  More experience per video. "After drinking the mixture you feel more... academic! From now on every film gives you more experience points than usual!"
Potion 003.png
Essence of Fame
Potion 008.png
Powder of Luck Higher chance of another YouTuber recommending your video "Wow! Somehow you're more likeable than before?! From now on you have bigger chance of being recommended by famous youtubers!"
Potion 003.png
Essence of Fame
Potion 009.png
Powder of Amount  More people subscribe to your channel from a recommendation "Try not to drown in the overwhelming numbers of subscribers. From now on every time you are being recommended by a YT fame you gain more viewers."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

When you open The W brotherhood menu without the necessary unlocks.

"Haha! So YOU are the person we've been told so much about! I would like to tell you what we are doing here, but this would be the last thing you would ever hear... Well... First unlock the corresponding skill in "Career" menu... Only then may we talk..."

When you open The W brotherhood menu with the necessary unlocks/

"Welcome traveller! After coming in here, you are for sure concerned, what this place might be... We are the Brotherhood associating alchemists from all countries. We possess ancient knowledge of arcane elixirs which give great power and might! For a humble fee we'll help you in creating one of them... What say you?"

After clicking on the pink button, taking you to the potions menu.

"Hahaha, marvelous! Now choose the appropriate ingredients."

When you open The W brotherhood menu and they can't make another potion yet.

"Well you want to use our service once more? Not so fast! We'll need few moons until our magical cauldron's energy recharges... Meanwhile you can take a tour around this wonderful surroundings. Can you see the beautiful tint of light? We see it everyday here!"

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The W brotherhood Menu (ready to brew)
Potions Menu.png