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In the game is two research ways in the Career. You can record movies or games. If you want to record movies you have to unlock Basic vlogs (you will need 1 research point). Here are some kinds of movies:

Simple vlogs[edit | edit source]

This is a part of movies, where you can record Basic vlog (1 research point), Daily vlog (1 point) or Opening gifts from fans (3 points when previous are already researched) video.

Vlogs mean videos, where a youtuber spoke to people abouth some interesting. It could be simple video, where youtuber is talking abouth something (example: "My opinion abouth refugees" or "Samsung vs. Apple"). Also, in America is very popular daily vlogs. If the youtuber have interesting life, he can every day record video abouth his day. If the youtuber is famous, the fans may send him a gifts. Youtuber can record video from opening this gifts.

Tags[edit | edit source]

Tags are part of movies, where you can record tag, where you was invited by somewho(2 points) or you can create your own tag (2 points when previous are already researched).